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New Renaissance Man

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  • Baby Brian

    Buckeye Beginnings (19??)

    Brian Deaton was born an old man sometime in the last century somewhere near Cincinnati, Ohio. Sometime in this century, he moved to somewhere near Daytona Beach, Florida, where he remains "trapped in paradise" as his mortgage company won't permit him to leave.
    [Ramblings about Ohio]

  • Adolescence Brian

    Astounding Adolescence

    As a teenager, Brian and his friends had other-worldly adventures so implausible, no one could possibly believe them to be true. So unbelievably implausible, in fact, that he is currently compiling them into a book (of what he expects will be a series) that will be marketed as fiction.
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  • Adult Brian

    Adulting & Alliteration

    Adulting can be difficult but alliteration can help (see headings). As an adult, Brian has been busy making sure he is a well-rounded individual, raising mini versions of himself and trying his best to be as inconspicuous as possible...which is difficult when you have a website.
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What is a New Renaissance Man?

It is the dedication to continually strive to be a better, more versed, human being.

"Join me and take the pledge to create a better world by starting with the man or woman in the mirror" --Brian Deaton


He is always continuing to learn


He has expertise in many fields


He embraces his artistic side


He has passions for many interests

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